Mistakes Physician Offices Make With Telephone Leads
January 5, 2017

Episode 6 – Mistakes Physician Offices Make With Telephone Leads

A lot of physicians I talk to worry a lot about not getting enough patients. But, on the other hand, they (unintentionally) treat their incoming leads like garbage and this sends great patients away and into the arms of some other medical practice that’s willing to take their cash with a smile and help them.

In fact, we estimate that the average physician’s office loses 70-80 percent of incoming telephone leads – simply because of the way their staff communicate on the phone.

So if you’re thinking about transitioning into a cash-based practice, it makes sense to fix this leak in new business before you make the leap – not after. It’s probably the single most impactful thing you can do to get more patients, and take steps towards decreasing your dependency on medical insurance. I’ve talked about this in my latest podcast. Listen to it below, subscribe and share the podcast for more ideas on building a cash-based healthcare practice.

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